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Program Qualifying Stipulations

  1. Free consultation with Intake Interview in order to determine eligibility through our financial stipulations as quoted below along with your financial responsibilities. (Please provides ALL sources of income, proof of your dependants, living expenses, and all financial responsibilities)
  2. Application fee of $35 will apply if qualified which will assure you availability of our services by our affiliates and our guidance with your cooperation.
  3. Mandatory participation of credit repair program by one of our affiliates if your credit score is less than 650.
  4. When our rental units are available, % of pay will be your rent and a % of pay will be put into an escrow account to accumulate for a down payment for future purchase of your property. (Families will be placed in the units based on priority determined by income and financial responsibilities)
  5. Every six months, financial reviews will be mandatory to evaluate your progress and determine if any advisory changes will be needed.
  6. You will sign an agreement to be held financially responsible for the payment of services through our affiliates who will be offering special discounts or payment arrangements to assure you more advancement towards a more positive and affordable way of life.

Median Family Income

Family Size 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

60% of MFI $37,320 $42,000 $46,680 $50,400 $54,120 $57,900 $61,620

80% of MFI $49,760 $56,000 $62,240 $67,200 $72,160 $77,200 $82,160

100% of MFI $62,200 $70,000 $77,800 $84,000 $90,200 $96,500 $102,700

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